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Celebrity acting coach Elina de Santos has been working closely with actors for twenty-five years.  From coaching, directing, and casting actors Elina de Santos has a unique eye for talent and how to shape it.  Discovering, developing, and directing new talent has been her pride and joy throughout her career.  Her mission is to nurture actors at every stage and skill level to help them enhance their instincts, audition, performance, and overall artistic ability.Elina’s clients have been able to master the fundamentals of acting and develop their craft by working through monologues and scene work, honing their skills both on and off camera.



​Elina de Santos and Richard Fancy are offering an acting class at Rogue Machine.   Their resumes include teaching/working at the Actor’s Studio, the Neighborhood Playhouse, Stratford Festival in Ontario,  Susan Slavin’s NY Academy, and in scene workshops all over the country as well as Sydney and Toronto.The focus of the class is scene study with exercises built to support the scene work. The exercises, which are fun, are almost immediately useful. Students will leave with a greater understanding of scene analysis, creating character, performing with ease and intention, as well as clearer, more compelling auditions.The class is ongoing monthly class costing $250 a month. With a 3 month commitment it is $200 per month. If you would like to join or audit the class, call Elina de Santos at 310 664 0646 or email


Become a student:

 Every year, Elina de Santos selects several actors to coach and mentor.   If you would like to interview and audition please call 310-829.5958. 

Former Clients

Eva Longoria


Orson Bean


Tony Franciosa