About Us

Orson Bean


 “I  can count on the fingers of one hand the directors who have truly  helped me in creating a role in the theater.  Elina de Santos is one of  these.  She inspires actors to take risks and then guides them in  shaping their choices.  I trust her motivations and her judgement.  In  addition to her ability to aid individual performances, she has an eye  for a sweeping canvas and can fill a stage with fascinating pictures.   She is an astonishing director.” 

Eva Longoria


 “Elina helped me find my emotional truth.” 

Mark Rydell


 “I  am especially impressed with her keen sense of story, collaborative and  sensitive work with playwrights and her talent with actors.” 

Tony Franciosa


 "Tennessee  Williams' astute understanding of the underbelly of the southern  character and for that matter the American character was clear in Elina  de Santos' "Orpheus Descending".  The production revealed a dimension of  human behavior so provocative, I now believe this play to be among his  most powerful and important.  It is a beautiful example of how the  director and actors explore so much of what does not seem obvious." 

John Flynn


 “The nuanced performances, she consistently coaxes from her actors proves her to be an first class storyteller.” 

Richard Fancy


 “She  has the rare ability to work deeply with actors and yet not be in  thrall to them, to be entirely receptive and yet lead them to the play  with integrity and strength.” 

Karyl Lynn Burns


 “Elina’s  productions have been among the most fulfilling and most moving  experiences I have ever had in the theatre.  The plays she directs are  emotionally rich and beautifully nuanced. In addition she is a glorious  communicator, nurturer and wonderful matchmaker.” 

Marylynn Fox


 “Elina  has the rare ability to make an actor believe that they can do  anything!  She sees the potential of something inside the actor that  others may miss and creates an environment that allows for that special  truth to come out and flower.  At the core she comes from love, which  gives the actor the courage to risk. 

Lyle Kessler


 “Elina’s direction of my play ‘Orphans’ was astonishing.” 

Ron Sossi


 “Elina  has a terrific sense for the American play, and an uncanny ability to  guide actors into performances that make these plays soar.” 

Akuyoe Graham


 “Elina  has a gorgeous eye for truth-and has the innate ability to guide her  actors to rich, pitch perfect, inspired performances.” 

Sheldon Epps


 "After  many years of searching for the "right" project.  I am very happy that  Elina de Santos and I had the opportunity to work together.  Her  production of Vincent in Brixton was rich in texture, emotionally  moving, and full of vibrant theatrical colors (so fitting for a play  about the great artist)"